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david mariani

David Mariani

David Mariani


Trainer with more than 40 years of experience, observations and experiments on organic functionality connected to psycho-physical efficiency and primary  prevention.

With all his staff composed by doctors, psychologists, and motor sciences doctors, he has monitored over 70.000 people and trained hundreds of world-class athletes with whom he has won Olympic and world championships medals in several sports disciplines such as tennis, basketball, cycling, football, triathlon, athletics and motorcycling.

He has directly trained professional basketball and cycling teams, collaborated with national team  athletes from 11 countries (Usa, Australia, England, Denmark, Russia…).

He has contributed to revolutionize cycling training methodologies, inserting the use of overloads in the preparation at the end of the 80s, supporting in the 90s the theory of greater cadence uphill.

He was an Italian body building champion (1981-1982), he taught at the course for triathlon trainers organized by CONI in 1998.


David Mariani


He has founded and directed 7 fitness centers.

In 1993 he was the first in Italy to insert a sports medicine center in a gym to give scientific confirmation to his intuitions in the field of primary prevention.

At the end of the 90s he launched his project: “live longer living better” where the dangers resulting from the abandonment of healthy physiological and food habits were underlined.

He is the only Italian who had the chance to approach, thanks to the 1992 joint venture, to family Weider’s secrets. ( Canadian brothers who brought Arnold Schwarzenegger in California and invented bodybuilding in the 40s).

The Weider company, composed of a publishing empire and dozens of companies specialized in the sale of home equipment and supplements, was the first in the world to monitor job performance differences between active and sedentary managers.

In 2005, he has received a recognition from the Italian Parliament for the promotional activity carried out in favour of health and sport.

In 2015 his structure ( Mariani Wellness Resort) won the award as the most innovative enterprise in the sector.

Creator and promoter of a system for reactivating sedentary people. (healthy habits strategy)

Supporter of the need of a new figure able to satisfy families lack of health.


David Mariani


He carries out consulting services  for national and international companies from different sectors where he is bringing important innovations in human resource management with the healthy habits project, dedicated to the sustainable improvement of workforce habits.

He collaborates with wellness and medical scientific magazines in which he takes care of the columns dedicated to prevention and sustainable change of habits.

Spokesman in international congresses on health, lifestyles and management for wellness centers. With Healthy Habits project, he collaborates with hospital facilities, patients associations (A.N.E.D), scientific societies such as SIP (Italian Society of Pediatrics) and SIMEDET (Italian Society of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medicine).

From the end of 2016 he has open a facebook page, where everyday, with the collaboration of several healthy habits certified professional (M.Doctor, psychologists, nutritionists…) offers free advices on primary prevention.

The page is followed in novembre 2019  by over 77.000 people.

If correctly applied, Healthy habits method can lead better quality life for citizens  to huge economic savings for families, companies and national health service.

David Mariani


Fond of physiology and psychology, he started when he was a child to study the connections between physical activity, health and food approach, trying to understand the reason why million of people have abandoned movement and what drive them to seek refuge in the abuse of food.

He has concentrated his attention on habits monitoring for over 35 years the differences between 20 active people (aerobic and anaerobic activity) and sedentary or partially active people.

He has deeply studied with his staff how to convince the laziest to desire a lifestyle change, finding innovative answers. (Coming from popular wisdom and the millennial history of man).

He has reactivated thousand of sedentary people by using healthy habits method, based on maintaining the balances engraved in our DNA thanks to evolution, experimenting with this methodology on senior citizens, obese people, young, top managers and entrepreneurs. Inventor of the first certified methodology ISO 9001 for a sustainable change of habits, inventor and director of the Healthy Habits Academy, the first post-university course specialized in prevention through control and monitoring of human habits and father of “healthy habits manager” a new  figure in workplace.

He is author and coauthor of three publications including a physical education book for high school students and the best seller “ Ventuno giorni per rinascere” (Mondadori publishing house) written with Franco Berrino. The book has been translated and is distributed in 24 countries around the world.