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Healthy Habits Academy

Academy, the first non commercial network of primary prevention specialist.

The Healthy Habits Academy® derives from the need to share the Heathy Habits methodology.

Developed by David Mariani and his staff of doctors, psychologists and doctors in physical education in over 40 years of research in the field of primary prevention, psychophysical efficiency and sustainable change.

The method is a synthesis of the most recent international scientific studies in the areas: environmental, physiological, nutritional and psycho-relational.

It responds perfectly with the methodological approach to the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and the main guidelines of the European community regarding the adoption of new lifestyles and new ways of transmitting know-how, as the prescriptive imposition method has certainly proved ruinous.

The 6-week training course is open to doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, motor sciences’ doctors and other figures from the world of health and education.

Teachers besides David Mariani are represented by university professors, doctors, professionals and educators with proven experience and researchers of international renown.

Training will find a path traced by Dr. Assunta Dierna d’Antiochia, one of the Italian psychologists with greater experience in training; a strong interaction with the learners is expected and the immediate practical application that will transform the training path into an extraordinary experience. The purpose of the Academy is to transfer to professionals the ability to know the mechanisms necessary for prevention and to monitor and improve habits in a non-taxable and therefore sustainable way. At the end of the course there will be a final exam, a brief internship and the discussion of a thesis / case. Following the completion of the entire training course, will be released the Healthy Habits certification. This certification will allow the use of the method both in the private sphere, directly to clients or patients, and in business, school and health sectors.

The course is accredited for health care professions and will provide 50 ECM credits.
The 2020 edition will enjoy the patronage and involvement of the SIP (Italian Society of Pediatrics) and the scientific society “ Italian Society of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Medicine” (SIMEDET)
It is the first method created for sustainable change of the main human habits managed by an ISO 9001 certified company.
It is the optimal methodology for re-educating sedentaries, improving or educating to the correct lifestyle and in general when it is desired to help a change of habits in the person, be they physiological, psychological or alimentary.

It is a powerful tool in the hands of health professionals and educators, to increase their compliance and the ability to persuasion with patients or students.


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