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we improve habits in a sustainable way

Only by changing our personal habits will we change the society of the future!

David Mariani

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I recommend taking the Healthy Habits course because it links apparently distant aspects (psyche, physical activity, nutrition, communication and relationships) and often treated independently that contribute to the whole, to reduce / eliminate pathological processes linked to unhealthy habits of style of life.

M.D Sabrina Lucchetti

nutritionist biologist

I advise all medical colleagues to participate in the healthy habits training course for the completeness of the approach, which thanks to the theory of the four pillars has been global, and also for the pleasant educational and human experience lived with the academy group.

M.D Angela Marchetti


I thank David Mariani that with his indomitable enthusiasm ... which I would call "viral" has opened our minds, making us think about returning to simplicity and transmitting to us the passion for this new challenge in promoting health.

M.D Sara Lange

Coordinator physiotherapist U.O Rehabilitation PO Pescia vast area center.

I started the Academy out of curiosity and found myself enchanted by an easy, valid, complete method that mixes very complicated scientific topics such as biochemistry and the science of training, with social sciences and psychology. And it becomes immediate how everything can blend well to achieve the common goal: people's health. A team of complementary figures is formed in which we doctors of physical education play a crucial role and are respected and listened to for our knowledge and skills on the movement. I learned a lot of technical and non-technical things, and I also understood some mistakes made in the past. Now, for example, I think several times before giving advice to a person and if I have any doubts, I ask a colleague of the Master who is competent in another subject (nutritionists or psychologists). This opens a dialogue with other health professionals and there he compares helping us. But most of all I recommend Healthy Habits because it is a human method that aims to help people live better! And this will also be thanks to us.

M.D Elena Fondi

Doctor of motor sciencies